C4 B7

  • Ash Tray With Lid

    Ash Tray With Lid

    This ashtray with lid fits into a cup holder and can also be used as a storage compartment. Harmonises perfectly with the vehicle’s interior styling. Neat design. The ashtray is easy to remove, and can be cleaned in water. The ashtray can be used...
    Price: £21.82


  • Single Cover For Rear Bench Seat

    Single Cover For Rear Bench Seat

    A suitable cover for rear seats. Very hard-wearing and a perfect fit for your vehicle, these covers will protect your seats effectively from day to day wear. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to reach out for assistance.Please...
    Price: £46.30


  • 3 Part Universal Boot Cover

    3 Part Universal Boot Cover

    LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT COVER This protective cover consists of 3 parts. They can be joined together by velcro strips. These three parts correspond to: Protection of the back of the rear bench seat; Protection of the original covering of the...
    Price: £62.48


  • Luggage Compartment Organizer

    Luggage Compartment Organizer

    Luggage compartment organiser in black coated cloth for transporting small objects. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: This luggage compartment organiser takes up little space when folded up but offers a large storage area when unfolded. Dimensions when...
    Price: £43.55